• The Bima, Zabludow Synagogue, Poland

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    The synagogue of the Zablodow community, Poland


    The wooden synagogue was built in 1646 and restored in 1765. It was one of the best examples of this kind of Polish synagogues. The Ark and the Stage were made of carved and painted and gilded wood. The synagogue was desecrated and burned by the Germans during World War II.


    The Zablodow community
    The first Jews settled in Zablodow, probably in 1522. Zablodow was an important commercial center. In 1660 the Jewish community suffered from pogroms and brutal murder. In 1664 and 1667, Zablodow was a meeting place for the four countries. In the early twentieth century, due to deteriorating economic conditions, many Jews emigrated to the United States and other destinations. After World War I, Zablodow became part of the independent Polish Republic, and in 1939 the community numbered about 2,000 Jews. During World War II, the Jews of Zablodow were taken by the Germans to forced labor. On November 2, 1942, 1,400 Jews of the town were deported to the Treblinka death camp. It is known about four people who survived.

    The Bima, Zabludow Synagogue, Poland. Laser paper cut

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