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About me

David Fisher, born in Jerusalem, is an Israeli graphic designer who has revived the traditional Jewish art form of paper cutting, that goes back to at least the Middle Ages, through utilizing a modern laser cut technology. Together with his expertise in Hebrew typography, the technique of arranging and designing text, these acclaimed works of art are a beautiful portrayal of Ketubahs, Jewish blessings, prayers, symbols, and decorative motifs.

Jewish paper cutting is a traditional form of Jewish folk art made by cutting figures and sentences in paper or parchment. It is connected with various customs and ceremonies, and associated with holidays and family life. Paper cuts often decorated ketubahs (marriage contracts), Mizrahs, and ornaments for festive occasions. Papercutting was practiced by Jewish communities in both Eastern Europe and North Africa and the Middle East for centuries and has seen a revival in modern times in Israel and elsewhere.

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