• Doctor's/Physician's Prayer #1 (Hebrew and English) Paper cut, wall hanging, Judaica art, A special personalized gift for your doctor, White Coat Ceremony Gift, Papercut, Hebrew and English Medical Student. Maimonides.


    This special fine art paper laser-cut celebrates a doctor’s RIGHTEOUSNESS. 

    It is a Doctor’s Prayer put forward by philosopher and physician Maimonides. Near the top, I cut the words in Hebrew “תפילת הרופא meaning Doctor’s Prayer. In the center, printed in Hebrew and English, a moving Doctor's Prayer. Inspired by ancient Hebrew manuscripts, the text is surrounded by a beautiful ornate floral filigree motif. In the center is the traditional Hebrew Doctor's Prayer. Surrounding the prayer is a beautiful colorful flower border. Personalized: Above the prayer, cut off your doctor's name.


    Prayer text:
    God above, before I begin my holy work, healing Your creation, I lay my plea before You, that You will grant me the strength of spirit and the vast energy to do my work with faith, and that the aspiration to accumulate wealth will not blind my eyes from seeing one who is suffering, one who comes for my advice, as a human being, rich or poor, friend or foe, the good and the evil person, in his sorrowful moment reveal to me only the human being in him. My love for the learning of medicine should only strengthen my spirit, only the truth shall be the light before my feet, for any weakness in my work might bring about death and illness to Your creation. I beg you, please, compassionate and gracious God, strengthen and focus my body and my soul and plant within me a spirit that is whole.

    This wall art is the perfect gift for home or office decoration for the doctor, nurse, medical school student/graduate, or anyone who believes in the valuable human principle of righteousness, integrity, and impartiality. They will be honored by your respect and will be happy to hang this profound prayer on the wall in their doctor’s office or patient waiting room.

    - UN-FRAMED or FRAMED laser-cut of the original design – A Doctor’s Prayer in Hebrew and ENGLISH
    - Acid-free paper
    -Acid free mat
    - Hand-signed by me, David Fisher
    - Paper Size: 13" X 17.5" / 33 cm X 44.5 cm
    - Cutting size: 9" X 13.5" / 22.3 cm X 34.1 cm
    - Choose your background color: Blue, Bordeaux or Gray
    David Fisher, born in Jerusalem, is an Israeli graphic designer who has revived the traditional Jewish art form of paper cutting, that goes back to at least the Middle Ages, through utilizing a modern laser cut technology. Together with his expertise in Hebrew typography, the technique of arranging and designing text, these acclaimed works of art are a beautiful portrayal of Jewish blessings, prayers, symbols, and decorative motifs.

    Personalized Doctor's Prayer papercut #1 (English)

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