• This elegant fine art laser-cut wall hanging celebrates HOME.

    The circle of Jewish life by seasons and holidays.


    Home is where the heart is. We all feel most comfortable in our home. We are blessed to have a roof over our heads, food to eat and family to love. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an attractive piece of art on the wall in your home to remind you every day of your blessing? A symbolic affirmation of protection and good fortune?


    With only paper and a special artist’s cutting tool, I created a unique circle of Hebrew text, featuring a traditional Jewish blessing for the home in the center, and surrounded by an incredibly ornate motif.This unique, decorative home blessing makes a wonderful housewarming gift, wedding gift, anniversary gift or lovely decoration for any home. In the circle around the text has Hebrew months and a circle of symbolizing Jewish holidays. The Hebrew text starts with the title and continues...


    ברכת הבית

    רבון העולמים, אנא השכן בבית הזה אורה ושמחה,

    שלום ורעות ותשפיע שפע ברכה וקדושה בכל חדריו ופינותיו

    ואור תורתך ומצוותיך תזרח בו תמיד



    "Phonetic Pronunciation: "Bruchat Ha Biet…rabon ha olam ana hashken be beit ha zeh ora ve simcha shalom ve rayoot ve tashpia shefa bracha ve kadusha beh kol hederav ve pinoto ve or tortach ve mitzvatyech tazrach bo tameed. Amen amen "English translation: Home Blessing Lord of the Universe, Please bring to this house light and joy, peace and friendship that will influence abundance, blessings and holiness in every room; and light in thy corners and it always will have your teachings... AmenIn the circle around the text has Hebrew months And a circle of symbolizing Jewish holidays.




    - Un-framed or framed laser-cut of original design - " birkat habayit " cut in Hebrew calligraphy;

    - Acid-free paper to last a lifetime- Hand-signed in the front by me, David Fisher

    - Paper Size: 16" X 16" / 40.6 cm X 40.6 cm

    - Dedication on mat

    - Silver wooden frame

    © David Fisher Art 2021

    Hebrew & English Home Blessing Paper Cut, The circle of Jewish life

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